With increasing life expectancies, there is a serious need for a method of projecting retirement benefits and determining how long your money will last.

Kendrick Smith can help you with any of following:

  • Projecting annual living expenses adjusted for inflation
  • Automatically estimating Social Security and pension benefits
  • Calculating children's education expenses and other miscellaneous expense or income items
  • Determining whether there will be a surplus or shortage of spendable income for each year of retirement
  • Showing the value of savings, investments and retirement accounts each year through life expectancy
  • Estimates life insurance needs
  • Illustrates disability or long term care needs
  • Shows estate taxes and options
  • Provides colorful and easy to understand 3-D graphs for account summaries
  • Creates a Monte Carlo Simulation using 10,000 simulations with random rates of return
  • Finds out "when or if" you will run out of money


Retirement Planning


Financial Planning


Estate Planning